Welcome to Calvary Martial Arts Academy (CMAA)

This academy is a discipleship and martial arts ministry under Harbor Calvary Chapel. Our goal is to equip individuals to be spiritually, mentally and physically strong so that one is able to defend themselves and their faith.
The martial arts style is a free style called ChristJitsu--meaning "the way of Christ." Christjitsu is a full-discipline, spiritual martial arts program. It is designed to train students for Christ in the art of spiritual warfare against the evil forces in the spiritual realms, while teaching them how to master and control the most important functions of the mind (intellect, emotions, will) and body according to God's divine purposes and Word.

The Discipleship training course is to equip students in the knowledge and the ways of Jesus Christ through weekly Bible study and scripture memorization. Students may earn a Black Belt through study, training and hard work. Our mission is to present the Gospel to all students through trusting and growing in Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

ChristJitsu also has a full-discipline, physical curriculum in which students can earn a Black Belt in the physical martial art of ChristJitsu. Our goal is not to glorify man or objects but God, and honor the authorities which He established

As martial arts programs continue to grow in popularity, Christians can sometimes find themselves struggling with how martial arts fit with their faith and whether or not it is appropriate for their family members to participate in a martial arts program. This academy is focusing on things such as courtesy, integrity, perseverance and self-control which help to curb aggressive behavior and reflect the character of Christ. The skills students learn should be used for self-defense only when there is no other choice.

Calvary Martial Arts Academy provides an alternative to other martial arts programs that are hostile in nature and that may teach religious philosophy contrary to that of the Christian faith. We want to provide a martial arts program that is in line with the values and morals taught in God's word and that will build each student up spiritually as well as physically.